My name´s Ross Logan and I´m embarking on a journey that’s been long in the making: cycling through South America, north to south. I’m setting off from Medellin, Colombia, and over the next year or so I’ll ride through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, before ending my trip in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I’ve been dreaming of doing a cross-continental bike trip for a long time and, after finishing up my contract teaching English in Bogota last December, what better time to start than now? I’m pretty unfit, don’t have much of a plan and have no idea how long it will take, but I’ve got a bike, a tent, 379 e-books and spades of ill-founded ambition, so I think I’ll be alright.

You can follow my progress on this here hilariously named blog  which I’ll try to update with photos and ramblings as regularly as I can.